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SmartGlass Images copper-free mirror is priced at the same level as ordinary mirror, but it offers several advantages, including long-lasting tarnish resistance and an extended warranty. SmartGlass manufactures Images mirror in a variety of sizes and thicknesses using a range of glass types. Edges may be bevelled and polished to alleviate sharp corners and enhance aesthetics.

SmartGlass Images is manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality management standards using a patented process that eliminates copper and lead from waste water and dramatically reduces the discharge of ammonia. The manufacturing process also complies with the ISO 14000 standard for environmental management.

ISO standard tests prove that SmartGlass Images will last three times longer than ordinary mirror. The palladium backing provides significantly improved resistance to edge corrosion and paint blistering caused by moisture, salts, acids and ammonia found in many cleaning products. Images is also quicker to fit because less time is required for edge working..