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Our glass products on offer

ClearVue Float Glass Installation



ClearVue float glass is manufactured by PFG specifications Building Glass, the only float glass manufacturer in sub-Saharan Africa. ClearVue is used in basic glazing applications and in the manufacturing of value-added products such as SmartGlass mirror, laminated glass and toughened glass. Stock sizes of ClearVue can be delivered within one working day.

Coloured Laminated Safety Glass Installation



ColourVue laminated glass products are made from various combinations of clear and tinted glasses and PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayers. ColourVue is available in a wide range of colours to meet a variety of aesthetic, glare reduction and solar control demands. Coloured and patterned interlayers can be used individually or in various combinations to create colourful and distinctive glass facades, partitions and interiors.

Easiglaze Window Putty



Easiglaze window putty is superior glazing putty manufactured under strict quality control measures to the SABS 680 standard. Easiglaze putty is manufactured in two colours grey and teak to match steel and wooden window frames. Both limestone and vegetable oils (the primary raw materials for putty) include organic compounds. The mineralogical and chemical characteristics can therefore change with each new batch of raw materials. Raw Easiglaze undergoes ongoing laboratory testing to ensure consistent product quality.

Laminated Safety Glass Installation



Intruderprufe laminated safety glass makes it significantly more difficult for criminals to intrude into a building or break through a shopfront. It also prevents a simple fall against a large window from turning into a tragic accident. In addition to these well-proven safety and security benefits, Intruderprufe blocks noise and harmful UV radiation. Intruderprufe is available in three performance variations and is tested by repeatedly dropping a 225 g steel ball from a height of nine metres. The impact of each drop is approximately equivalent to the blow from a hammer.

Laminated Reflected Coated Safety Glass Installation



Solarshield makes it possible to create attractive buildings with highly efficient solar control. The combination of a metallic coating and a clear or tinted PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer is designed primarily to keep out as much of the suns heat as possible. In addition to reducing solar heat, Solarshield also limits the amount of light entering the interior and blocks up to 99% of damaging UV radiation. Solarshield is a laminated safety glass marked to SABS 1263-1. It can be custom-manufactured to meet various safety, security and noise reduction standards. Solarshield is available in a range of colours and three densities of coating.

Solarvue Laminated Safety Glass



SolarVue provides medium solar control and a neutral, low reflective appearance in a range of colours. A thin deposit of nickel and chromium eliminates more than 55% of solar heat, while transmitting more than 45% of visible light. SolarVue also eliminates more than 99% of damaging UV radiation. SolarVue is a PVB laminated safety glass marked to SABS 1263-1. SolarVue can be custom-manufactured to meet various safety, security and noise reduction standards.